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    Resolve Counseling provides online counseling to people living in Sherman, Texas.

    Rachael Myers and her husband currently reside in Savoy, Texas.

    How To Start Counseling in Sherman, Texas

    Follow these simple steps to start counseling at Resolve Counseling in Sherman, Texas.

    1. Call Resolve Counseling and schedule your first appointment.

    2. Meet with our therapist and determine your goals.

    3. Attend counseling and receive the support and resources you've been needing.

    4. Reclaim your life and start enjoying it again.

    Rachael Myers - Sherman, Texas

    Rachael Myers attended the University of North Texas and served the Sherman-Dennison area as a hospice social worker while becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

    She now provides online therapy to those living in Sherman, Texas.

    Counseling in Sherman, Texas

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