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    You feel Exhausted and Powerless

    Counseling can help you start finding peace and keep moving forward

    You Want to find Hope and Healing

    You feel tired, unmotivated, hurt, and confused.

    You want to remain optimistic about your future, but your current situation is so emotionally defeating.

    You want to find hope and healing, but it seems so far away.

    Grief & Loss Counseling Can Help

    You’ve suffered a loss and are grieving.

    You thought the pain would get better by now, but somedays it feels worse than when it started.

    You thought you’d have your energy back and start enjoying your days, but sometimes you feel too discouraged to start the day.

    You don’t quite feel like yourself anymore, sometimes you even feel crazy.

    Grief & Loss Counseling can Provide you with the Support and Encouragement you Need during the Grieving Process

    When our grief is great, it feels like it consumes us and our life. Learning to process and accept grief isn’t about “getting over” what happened, it’s about being changed by what happened in a way that doesn’t result in you also losing yourself. If you have a high standard of how you should be progressing, coping, or “moving on” you will be disappointed because grief is about taking care of yourself – not constantly judging, assessing, and ranking your progress.

    Our clients report finding peace during grief and loss counseling because of the psychoeducation they receive about the grieving process. During therapy, you will learn that it’s normal to feel like you’re on a roller coaster of emotion and feel more out of control than you have in previous times. With therapy, you will receive the support you need to move through this painful experience and find ways to take care of yourself while still showing honor to the memory of the things lost.

    Symptoms of Grief & Loss

    Feeling Sad

    Grief and loss bring sadness. Despite your best efforts, you cannot lessen the sadness. Well-intentioned people try to help you stay focused on the positive, and focus less on the sadness, but it’s pointless. One of the hardest parts of experiencing grief and loss is that there is nothing you can do to change the fact that you feel sad. It’s a process that cannot be rushed and must be endured. It’s easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed by feelings of sadness. With therapy, you can learn how to have realistic expectations for yourself during the grieving process, and find ways to help you cope with your specific loss.

    Feeling Tired

    If you’re feeling more tired than you have before, you are probably a little worried. You might even wonder if you’ve somehow changed. You might feel insecure because it doesn’t seem like you can do as much as you use to. Don’t fixate on your change in energy and conclude that you’ve changed; recognize that your life has been changed. Experiencing fatigue during the grieving process is normal and to be expected. It will improve as you move further along in the healing process.

    Feeling Alone

    When humans lose something, it doesn’t matter how big or small, we are reminded that we are affected by life. When life seems to be too much, it can feel very isolating. Even when you are surrounded by people that love you and are trying to understand, you can still feel completely alone. Therapy clients report that even if they are experiencing a loss, even if they are physically surrounded by people, they still feel deeply alone. Learning to cope with grief & loss can be one of the most challenging things our lives present.

    The Resolve Counseling Approach to Grief & Loss Counseling

    Resolve Counseling partners with clients who are experiencing grief and loss and emphasizes that there are no right answers, there are only answers that are right for you. Some people try to put grief and loss on a timeline or believe the grieving process happens in a certain order. The reality is, is that grief is something that looks different on everyone, and for everyone.

    We seek to validate our client’s pain and confusion, give them a safe place to process what they are experiencing, and provide them with the resources they need to achieve hope and healing.

    Grief & Loss Counseling Can Help Answer:

    Why Don’t I Feel Like Myself?

    You’ve lost something that made you, uniquely you. When you think about it, it makes sense that after you’ve lost something that has made up the you that you know, you won’t feel like you. In fact, you probably feel worse than you ever have, and less like yourself than you ever have. This is why coping with grief and loss is one of the most soul-testing things you’ve ever experienced.

    Am I Depressed?

    In our society, there can be some extra baggage around the word depression. Depressive symptoms are actually part of the normal grieving process. When you’ve experienced a loss, it’s normal to feel sad/depressed about the loss. Not everyone understands that you can feel depressed about your loss, without actually being depressed

    Will I Always Feel this Way?

    The sadness you feel has the ability to cloud your judgment and tell your brain that you’ll always feel this way. While you might never feel the way you have in the past, you won’t always feel this way. You’ve lost something dear, and that means you and your life have changed. It can’t go back to “normal” but it can improve. It won’t always feel this bad.

    Begin Grief & Loss Counseling Online in Texas

    You don’t have to feel exhausted and powerless. With therapy, you can start moving through the grieving process and finding peace.

    To start Grief & Loss Counseling, follow these simple steps:

    1. Contact Resolve Counseling & Schedule An Online Appointment

    2. Meet with our therapist, Rachael Myers, LCSW

    3. Gain the support and encouragement you need during the grieving process

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