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    The Resolve Counseling Approach To Christian Counseling

    Christian Counseling means different things to different Christians.

    Resolve Counseling takes the position that the purpose of counseling is to serve the client, therefore, Christian Counseling should be initiated by the patient. 

    At Resolve Counseling, the therapist and client work together to determine where the client is in their faith journey, and how they would like to incorporate the Christian Perspective into their counseling experience. Christian Counseling at Resolve Counseling is intended to align closely with your beliefs so that the tools you learn are easily implemented into your everyday life.

    Christian Counseling can Provide you with the Specific Support and Direction you’ve been Seeking

    You’re facing challenges and want to work with a counselor that shares your Christian Beliefs.

    You want a safe non-judgmental place to talk about your struggles and receive encouragement that aligns with your biblical worldview.

    At Resolve Counseling you will have the opportunity to process the problems you’re facing with help from a professional therapist that also shares your Christian Values.

    Reasons People Seek Christian Counseling

    People seek Christian Counseling for many different reasons, here are a few of the reasons our clients sought out Christian Counseling at Resolve Counseling:

    • They find themselves in situations that are enmeshed, and can’t find support in their religious institution to remove themselves from the situation without being judged.
    • They are struggling with depression, and feel guilty about taking medication or getting professional help because they think it means they are not trusting God.
    • They feel embarrassed that they are struggling with anxiety because they know they should be trusting in God.
    • They find themselves having family issues, and the standard advice they are getting from their church or pastors doesn’t seem to be helping, but in fact, is making things worse.
    • They’ve been divorced and are experiencing hurt and rejection from their faith community.
    • They have a blended family and recognize that the biblical advice given to nuclear families is quickly dispensed to them, but doesn’t address unique problems related to divorce, remarriage, and stepkids.

    Christian Counseling Can Help With:



    Grief & Loss


    Life Transitions

    Work-Related Issues

    Parenting Challenges

    Recovering from Divorce

    Anger & Resentment

    Begin Christian Counseling Online in Texas

    Christian Counseling can provide you with the space and support to grow in your faith and make the difficult decision you’re facing.

    To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

    1. Contact Resolve Counseling and schedule an online appointment

    2. Meet with our Christian Counselor, Rachael Myers

    3. Start gaining the freedom Christ wants for your life


    Resolve Counseling Services

    Resolve Counseling is owned by Rachael Myers, who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Christian. At the patient’s request, Rachael Myers incorporates faith into the counseling process.

    Resolve Counseling serves all clients, not just those who hold Christian Beliefs. Other Counseling Services:

    Anxiety Treatment

    Online Therapy

    Grief & Loss Counseling

    Teen Counseling

    College Student Counseling