Therapy that gives you the skills you need to live a better life.

Resolve Counseling Group is based in Southlake, Texas and exclusively provides online therapy, making therapy as convenient and confidential as possible for our clients.

Our Online Therapists are genuine and approachable. We know how easily life can start to feel out of control. We also know that as things change in our life, we can stop feeling like ourselves. We enjoy helping clients make sense of how they are feeling, and what they need to be doing differently so they can get back to living a life they enjoy.

If you want to learn how to control your thoughts and emotions, rather than feel controlled by them, therapy can help! Schedule a consultation to get started learning the skills you need to better manage your life and time.

Online Therapy that’s right for you.

We know that starting therapy can be intimidating.
We also know that finding a therapist can be challenging. Our Online Therapy is designed to help you find the support from a person that gets you and can help accomplish the things you need to.

Online Therapy

We exclusively provide online therapy. Online therapy makes prioritizing your mental health more convenient than ever. Our Online Therapists work with a host of issues, ranging from depression, anxiety, grief, divorce, women’s issues, ADHD, teen issues, family issues, relationship issues, high conflict communication, co parenting issues, counseling for college students and so much more. If you’ve been wanting to start therapy, Online Therapy might be for you!

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Stress & Anxiety Treatment

Our mind can work for us against us. In times of stress, we can develop habits that don’t serve us very well. Online Anxiety Treatment can provide you with the knowledge of how the bad habits were formed, and even re-enforced. Our Anxiety Therapist can help you develop skills that let you create new habits that protect you from the fear, worry, frustration and loneliness that come with anxiety. If you spend more time thinking or worrying about things than you’d life, Anxiety Treatment can help you!

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Divorce Support & Counseling

You’re doing something hard! Get the support you need and learn the tools to manage your emotions, and your high conflict ex without feeling like you’re losing your mind. Our Divorce Counselors understand that every situation is unique and don’t pretend that it’s going to be an easy process. We love when our clients tell us that in therapy they’ve regained their confidence and stopped beating themselves up for things that we’re not their fault.

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Christian Counseling

Our Christian Counselor understands how daunting it can be to find someone who gives advice that aligns with your Christian Perspective. Our approach to Christian Counseling is unique in the fact that we believe each client is different, and needs something different. We are careful to not give standard advice and pretend to know the answers for someone else’s life. Our clients determine to what level they’d like to incorporate their faith into counseling. We’ve learned that most of our clients have been hurt by religious groups and feel more comfortable when they feel they are in control of the counseling process.

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Stepmom Support & Counseling

Only stepmoms can begin to understand how it feels to be a stepmom. On top of that, every stepmom situation is different. Stepmom Counseling is intended to help each stepmom define their unique role, and create a plan for how to have success in that role. Success doesn’t mean other people will see you as successful, or that everyone will be happy. In Stepmom Counseling, you’ll learn that having success in your role means that you find a way to stay sane, you set realistic expectations for yourself and for others, you learn to be less bothered by the things that bother you, you learn how to communicate with someone who is high conflict, you stop trying to make others happy and you become confident in your ability to be a fair and kind person.

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Grief & Loss Counseling

It’s hard to understand how much you can’t understand about grieving until you’ve experienced a loss. Our Grief Counselors understand that your emotions can change in a split second, and that you might not even know what emotions you’re feeling. We encourage people experiencing a loss to attend Grief Counseling because it provides you with a designated person that is there to listen to you and help guide you through a process that you never wanted to be going through. So many of our clients thought that because they have friends and family around them that they wouldn’t need Grief Counseling. What we’ve learned is that clients feel alone, even if they have people around them. They also feel like they are burdening their friends and family and sometimes hold back their unfiltered thoughts and feelings. Our Grief Counselors want to help you find your way toward hope and healing in this uncertain and heartbreaking time.

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Teen Counseling

Our Teen Therapists can help teenagers find a way to feel in control in an out of control world. If you see your teen struggling and can’t figure out the best way to help them navigate the stress of today’s world, Teen Therapy can help. Teenagers will learn therapeutic skills that can help them better control their thoughts and emotions. Our Teen Therapists will help your teen learn the life skills that will allow them to be successful, and give them the confidence they need.

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Life doesn’t have to feel out of control anymore.

Therapy provides you with better tools to deal with the stress of your life.

Our Online Therapists understand that life can become overwhelming. We exclusively provide online therapy so that we can help stressed and overwhelmed people prioritize their mental health, even when they feel like they don’t have time. We know that therapy can make all the difference in someone’s quality of life. If you don’t feel like you’re living the life you want to, Online Therapy can help!

Stop Procrastinating: Start Therapy

For most people, getting started is the hardest part. As humans, we tend to build things up in our mind. Don’t let the idea of starting therapy become something else that is stressing you out. We make the process of getting started as simple as possible. You can schedule a consultation with our Intake Specialist and get matched with a therapist that can help you work toward your goals.