Anxiety makes life harder. Anxiety Therapy makes it manageable.

Learn therapeutic skills that can help you take control of your life, thoughts, and emotions. You can find freedom from your stress and anxiety and start building a more peaceful life.

At this point, everyone has heard about stress and how bad it can be for you. We’ve all been educated on the benefits of managing our anxiety and the importance of positive self talk. So if we’ve all heard about it, why have so few of us figured out how to actually do it?

At Resolve Counseling Group we love helping people turn knowledge into results. What that means is that we spend time educating our clients on stress and anxiety and how they affect our mind. However, we spend much more time with our clients practicing therapeutic skills that have been proven to actually decrease those negative experiences.

By the time most of our clients contact us, they are already defeated by their stress and anxiety. They’ve been dealing with it for an extensive period of time and might have even lost hope that they can overcome it.

Our Anxiety Therapists empower individuals who are tired and defeated to take control of their lives, thoughts, and emotions. Anxiety has a way of stealing our joy and making life feel like something we are just enduring, not enjoying. Start enjoying your life by learning to control your stress and anxiety.

Learn how to stop your anxiety from taking over your day.

We all experience anxiety a little differently, but there are some common symptoms that people report. We know that the overarching complaint is that stress and anxiety have a tendency to take over and make things feel out of control.

Essentially, stress and anxiety intensify common situations and make things harder for us.


Here are the most common symptoms of anxiety.


Feeling Nervous
Feeling nervous can be a normal part of life, but feeling nervous all the time is not something that has to be part of your everyday life. With online therapy inTexas, you can stop feeling uneasy all the time and start enjoying your life.

Feeling Tired
There are times in life when we feel more tired than usual, sometimes big life events can affect how we sleep. If you can’t explain why you feel tired or exhausted all the time, you might be dealing with anxiety. If you’re not sick, but you don’t feel well, you might be dealing with anxiety. With therapy, you will learn strategies to manage and address the exhaustion so you can start living a fulfilling life.

Feeling Worried
Do you find yourself constantly worrying? Do you have a hard time stopping your thoughts from going to a negative place? Does it ever feel like there is an impending sense of doom? With therapy, you can learn strategies for managing your thoughts and worries so you can stop feeling paralyzed and start living your life.

Having A Hard Time Breathing
As mentioned above, people experience anxiety differently but it’s not uncommon for people to have difficulty breathing when they are most anxious. Sometimes a troublesome thought or event can bring on intense anxiety, and render someone feeling paralyzed and panicked.

Having a Hard Time Thinking
Most people experience issues related to concentration and problem solving. Maybe in the past you’ve been an incredible problem solver, but you find yourself unable to tackle problems or control your thoughts as you have in the past. With therapy, you will learn about the effects of stress on the brain, and how this hinders critical thinking when not managed correctly. You will gain practical tools for managing thoughts and emotions, and moving past mental blocks that keep you from being effective and efficient.

Having A Hard Time Sleeping
Some people experience sleep issues due to their stress and anxiety. Do you have a hard time turning off your brain so you can prepare to sleep? Do you find that you can’t settle down because you’re thinking about all the things you need to do, or things that could go wrong. With therapy, you will learn how to have healthy sleep hygiene and deconstruct your thoughts so they don’t control your sleep.

Imagine if you knew exactly what to do when you first start feeling anxious.


Our clients tell us that after working with our Anxiety Therapist that they have an action plan for controlling their thoughts and emotions.

It’s not that they never feel stressed again, it’s that the stress doesn’t send them into a spiral and affect them for hours or days.

We want our clients to understand that while stress and anxiety are part of everyday life, that there is a normal healthy level that it should affect us. We want our client to not feel blindsighted by or afraid of their anxiety. We want them to learn how to identify what it feels like when it starts, and what they need to do to prevent it from worsening. We also teach our clients how to recognize the patterns that worsen the stress and anxiety.

By the time you’re finished working with our Anxiety Therapist, you should know how to manage your stress and anxiety so that it doesn’t affect your ability to be happy or get things done. We want you to feel confident navigating each big or even scary next thing life throws at you.

We almost always hear that people regret waiting so long to get started. The truth is, managing stress and anxiety is a journey. It’s a process that takes time and work. It’s not something that can be accomplished overnight. That being said, we use techniques that are intended to help you make progress rather quickly and give you a sense of control back in your life.

How Does Online Anxiety Treatment Work?

Getting treated for anxiety is less stressful from the comfort of your home. We want you to feel less overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated and unhappy.

At Resolve Counseling Group, you can start Anxiety Treatment with our Anxiety Therapists by scheduling a free 15 minute phone consultation. During this phone consultation your questions will be answered and you will be matched with the best therapist for your unique situation.

Resolve Counseling knows that the thought of getting help for anxiety is overwhelming.

Anxiety Treatment with Resolve Counseling includes sensitivity to the fact that when someone is experiencing anxiety, everything seems overwhelming. If the idea of getting help with your anxiety seems too overwhelming, that is the anxiety talking. It is not the logical, competent, capable you that knows you can learn strategies to better manage and cope with this stress and anxiety.

Resolve Counseling partners with clients to help them work through the things that seem overwhelming. We’ve helped clients gain freedom and control over their stress and anxiety. We understand how paralyzing anxiety can be, and how hard it can be to talk about it. Resolve Counseling aims to provide clients with a safe non-judgemental environment where they can be given the benefit of the doubt, and the help they need to reach their goals.

Anxiety Treatment at Resolve Counseling happens online, as Resolve Counseling currently serves all clients virtually. During your anxiety treatment at Resolve Counseling, you will learn to identify what thoughts or events trigger your anxiety, and create a plan for deconstructing those anxious thoughts.

Online Therapy for Anxiety FAQ

What is Therapy for Anxiety and Stress?

The therapy that stressed and anxious individuals need to get control back of their life.

How does Anxiety Therapy work?
In the first sessions, you will learn therapeutic skills to manage your emotions and anxiety.

You’ll learn how to gain control over your thoughts and implement strategies that help you be more productive and peaceful.

Our clients report that within a few sessions they feel more in control of their stress and emotions. They feel empowered by having a game plan to deal with difficult people and situations. After attending counseling at Resolve Counseling, you will understand how anxiety hijacks your brain and how to regain control over your thoughts and emotions. Our clients tell us they wish they would have known how much counseling would have improved their everyday life, and started sooner.

When is Online Therapy needed?
Many of our clients have told us that although they knew they needed to start therapy, the process of starting counseling was too overwhelming for them.

As you begin to learn more about anxiety, and how it affects you specifically, you’ll understand why the thought of doing one more thing can send you over the edge. When someone with anxiety thinks about finding a counselor for anxiety, they are triggered and can feel paralyzed.

We cannot overstate the importance of finding a counselor to help with your anxiety. Anxiety cannot be managed by avoiding and denying it. It must be tackled head-on, and for almost everyone, that means having an outside party that can help you navigate your specific triggers and hangups. Experiencing anxiety can be discouraging.

Therapy can give you the encouragement and support you need to overcome your stress and anxiety.

How much does Online Therapy for Anxiety in Texas cost?

The cost of therapy can vary from place to place. One can expect to pay between $100 – $200 for a therapy session.

At Resolve Counseling Group, our financial information can be found on our FAQ Page. For some of our clients that are hesitant about investing in learning to manage their stress and anxiety, we challenge them to answer the following questions.

How often does my stress and anxiety make my life harder?

What would my life be like if I only had to deal with that happening half of the time, or a quarter of the time?

Would I be more focused at work if my stress and anxiety wasn’t distracting me?

Would I be spending my money in wiser ways if I wasn’t always stressed and anxious?

What is my quality of life worth?

How much more productive would I be if I knew how to control my thoughts and emotions?

How long does the Virtual Therapy process take?
This answer depends on each client.

Anxiety Therapist and Resolve Counseling Group work with each client to create a custom treatment plan with individualized goals. During the first few sessions, therapists and clients will work together to create a tentative plan, and continue to monitor it during the course of therapy.

How do I know if Online Therapy for Anxiety is right for me?

If you’re read this page and things have resonated with you, you would most likely benefit from treatment for stress and anxiety.

The truth is that our culture doesn’t do a great job of modeling healthy boundaries or mental health. This is something each of us have to do for ourselves, and the truth is, it is very hard to do it ourselves. Having someone that is an expert can help you progress much further, much faster than you could on your own.

How often should I have a session for Online Therapy?

Frequency varies depending on the situation. During your free 15 minute phone consultation, you’ll be matched with a therapist. During the first session with that therapist, you’ll determine a plan that makes the most sense for you and your situation.

As a rule of thumb, we tell our clients to expect to come weekly for the first 6 -8 weeks. It’s our hope that during that time you will have had a chance to address whatever symptoms brought you into therapy and that you’ll get a chance to learn the tools you need to start practicing. Once the tools are learned, we usually see our clients every other week and use the session as a time to workshop what is working, and what isn’t.

It’s our hope that we can slowly ease our clients from every other week to every third week, and at that point our clients are feeling confident in the skills they’ve learned and can officially graduate from counseling.

Get Started With Stress & Anxiety Treatment

One of the most frustrating things about stress and anxiety is that they hold us back from doing the things we want to do. And more importantly, the things we know we should do. If you’ve wanted to start prioritizing your mental health, but haven’t had the energy to start the process of finding a therapist, I’m glad you’re reading this.

You’re not alone. Our clients report that had they known how much better they would feel, they would have started therapy sooner. Don’t spend anymore time waiting to start therapy. Your anxiety won’t wait, why should you?

You no longer have to let stress and anxiety rule our life. Therapy can help treat anxiety.

Resolve Counseling helps clients find freedom and control in their lives.