Online Therapists in Southlake, Texas

Our team of online therapists understand that you cannot connect with someone that you feel uncomfortable around. Our therapists are real people with real life experiences who strive to help each client work on the goals that are important to them. During your phone consultation you will be matched with the therapist we believe is the right match for you.

Rachael Myers, LCSW

I’m Rachael and I’m an online therapist who enjoys teaching people how their mind can work either for or against them. I know that when we understand how things work, we have more success getting the outcomes we desire. Therapy can be an emotional and vulnerable process, but it also is very much of a problem solving process.

My approach to therapy is in line with my personality. I am very much a what you see is what you get type of person. I value being honest and straightforward rather than ambiguous. I also dislike when people give advice that sounds really good, but isn’t practical. If you’re defeated because you’re trying so hard, but also feel like you’re failing so hard, I can help you!

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Kathy Davis, LCSW

My name is Kathy and I enjoy helping people find the healing and transformation that will give them back their joy. I’m a License Masters Social Worker that has over 30 years of experience supporting adults and teenagers as they navigate the unknowns of life.

I strive to be approachable and relatable. I don’t like to over complicate the simple things. I most enjoy giving my clients the tools they need to manage their feelings of overwhelm. If you’re looking for someone to trust while you find your next steps forward, I can help!

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Britney Aguilar, LMSW

I’m Britney Aguilar and I feel honored to be an Online Therapist that gets to support adults and teenagers as they make positive changes that improve their lives and moods.

I tell my clients that I’m human. I have the same challenges they do, but I have an education and training that allows me to teach people strategies that can help them overcome their struggles. My goal is to help people stop feeling overwhelmed or depressed, and start making progress towards the things that matter to you. If you are looking for someone that understands how awkward it can be to talk with someone you don’t know, I might be the right person for you. I want all my clients to feel comfortable sharing with me, and feel like they get resources that help them.

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We understand how stressful finding the right therapist can be. We are committed to helping people find the right therapist because we understand that when you are comfortable, you can accomplish so much. Schedule a phone consultation today and get matched with a therapist that is right for you.