• Stepmom Support & Counseling For Blended Families

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    Learn how to define and function in role as stepmom

    You are trying to make everyone happy, but sometimes it seems like no one is happy.


    You are trying to manage:

    Your expectations, your partner’s expectations, the kids’ expectations,

    the ex, the calendar, the conflict, and the communication.


    You need the right stepmom & blended family support and resources for this challenging situation.

    Counseling for Stepmoms & Blended Families

    It seems like every decision creates tension and stress. You try your hardest to stay positive, but eventually become discouraged, exhausted, and resentful that you are significantly affected by others’ decisions.

    If you feel like being a stepmom is a sentence, there is hope. You can learn therapeutic skills to help you gain insight, control, and freedom in your unique stepfamily situation.

    Allowing yourself to admit how bad things are can be the hardest part. My clients tell me by the end of the first session they feel a sense of relief and have hope that things will get better. My clients also tell me they wish they would have called sooner because they feel heard and supported. Within the first few sessions, you will learn practical strategies for managing your unique stepfamily stressors and situation.

    When our work together is done, you will know how to define and function in your role as stepmom. You will be confident in your abilities to manage conflict, prioritize your family, set boundaries, and take care of yourself. And you won’t care if you’re being judged for doing it or not. Learning these skills won’t make everything perfect, but they can make it more peaceful.

    Reasons Stepmoms Decide To Start Counseling

    They feel unprepared for the unique stepfamily challenges they are facing.

    They feel isolated and alone and know they need support.

    They are sick of trying to make everyone happy, and feeling like no one is ever happy.

    They are sick of the constant criticism from everyone around them that doesn’t understand the situation.

    They feel defeated and are considering giving up on trying to blend a family.

    Gain Confidence & Control In Your Stepmom Role

    Being a stepmom comes with unique challenges.

    Despite the commonalities in stepfamilies, each stepfamily has its own unique dynamic. Resolve Counseling supports stepmoms and helps them find peace and confidence in their role. 

    One of the most discouraging and isolating things about being a stepmom is people give well-intentioned, but bad advice. A solution that might work for a traditional family, could cause more harm than good for blended families.

    A Note About Counseling For Stepmoms & Blended Families

    Counselors don’t receive training about stepfamily dynamics during their education. A handful of counselors actually specialize in working with blended and stepfamilies. Because there are a limited number of qualified professionals, studies confirm that in almost half of cases, counseling was more harmful than helpful to stepfamilies.

    It matters who you see, and what they say.


    Begin Counseling for Stepmoms Online in Texas

    Being a stepmom doesn’t have to feel like a life sentence. With counseling, you can learn to set boundaries, manage your expectations, convert others’ criticism into confidence in yourself and how you handle situations for your family.

    If you’ve been searching for a counselor that can support you in your journey as a Stepmom, follow these simple steps:

    1. Contact Resolve Counseling & Schedule An Online Appointment

    2. Meet with our Stepmom Therapist

    3. Start gaining confidence and comfort in your unique role as a stepmom

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